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The Month Of Wedding Coordinating And Planning Service

Some clients have everything mapped out before coming to us for a little more assistance. This is precisely why we have the Month of Wedding Coordinating and Planning service that offers a little more assistance a few weeks before the grand moment. Our wedding planners will make sure to ting up any loose ends and impeccably take care of last minute details.

As usual, it begins with a two hour consultation with the couple to find out their needs and vision. The meeting should be around 4 to 6 weeks before the big day so that there would be ample time to make the necessary preparations. Clients may always keep in touch with our wedding planners anytime during the entire planning process.

With this type of service, our skilled wedding planners will make sure that all vendor contracts are properly reviewed to avoid any legal glitches and a detailed itinerary of the wedding will be given to both the couple and the vendors. Our staff shall be able to confirm with the vendors all the necessary matters a week before the big day and will efficiently coordinate the set up on the wedding day itself.

There will be assisted wedding rehearsals; a provision of the Wedding Day Emergency Kit; overseeing of all details from set up to decor; and collection of items at rehearsal to be brought back and set up on the day itself such as guestbook, place cards, programs, favors, etc.

Our experienced team at Silver Service Events will run everything impeccably making sure that there is timing coordination from beginning to end; proper lining up and cueing when it's time to walk down the aisle; a smooth picture taking with family and friends; and that payments are properly given to the vendors. Our team will never leave you until it's time to go.


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