We are renowned for our broad culinary skills and have numerous awards to prove it.

My husband and I used Silver service catering for our 200+ guest wedding reception Oct 2010. We worked very closely with Jerry. The entire experience was great! Jerry was awesome, the food was delicious and the staff was excellent! We had a very complicated set up so Jerry met with us 5 different times to figure it all out. We had A total of 3 tastings. Two of which were brought to our house and one directly from a wedding so we could takes actual wedding food. It was important to us that the food tasted good.

Seriously everything turned out great which really took a lot of stress off our backs because we didn't have a wedding planner. My mom & I planned the whole thing with Jerry's and my husband's help.

I'm writing this review a year later because I just went to a wedding this weekend and had a terrible experience with the catering crew. That bad experience as a guest made me all the more grateful that our guests went out of their way to compliment the food & service. I can't say enough positive things. Thanks Silver Service!

I used jerry and his amazing team to cater my wedding and i couldn't have been happier! i was so incredibly happy and thankful for all their hard work that i decided to join yelp for the first time and write my first review!! yay!

if you ask my husband or anyone else who knows me well, i am seriously a fat kid at heart. i love food! so the quality of food was a very big deal for me. jerry was so accommodating to me, and basically made a customized menu for me from scratch! needless to say, the food was amazing! he made this incredible butternut squash sea bass that was to die for! ppl were actually coming up to me to tell me how much they loved all the food!

not only was their food mouth watering but their service staff was the nicest, sweetest, most helpful ppl! i have been to many, many weddings and i have never seen such a smiley, energetic wait staff in my life! i loved them so much I almost wanted to steal them to work at my restaurant, but i would never do that to jerry ;)

overall, if you want a caterer who is extremely helpful and accommodating + amazing food + an incredibly professional and friendly wait staff hire silver service!!!

We just recently finished our wedding with Jerry and Silver Service Events. The event went off smoothly without a major hitch and Jerry and his staff were professional and courteous. We did have a couple of minor details that we brought up to Jerry, and he took care of us.

Overall from start to finish, Jerry was one of the most professional vendors that we had. The food was great and he even gave us multiple tastings ( a started sample menu, and our final menu). We were able to offer our guest four different options without any additional cost for the variety (fish was extra). He was very flexible and conscious of our budget. He would even tell us when it would be cheaper for us to purchase things on our own rather than go through him.

We would highly recommend him to fellow yelpers.

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